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Your +2 Job
List 1 Job you want to +2 first . This will be the job that you can lot Stones/Jewels/Cards for . You must show a leader your +1 item before you can lot on a +2 .
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Lotting Rules
This is to inform you of the current regulations and system that the Tavern employs for our lotting system. First, ill explain the priority system for casting lots. Each member must be regestered on this website, either personaly or by having a leader add them. Once you are register, you are currently able to list five items in your wishlist. These five items you must be able to equip and have a suitble job for it: example, novio earring is for blm, sch, rdm, and perhaps cor, but just because your 75 thf can equip it, doesn't mean you have a suitable job for that item. So, the priority goes as follows from highest to lowest: wishlisted item, your main +2 job, people with the enough points to bid and job level, people without enought points but job level, people without the points and job. Each item has a point value assigned to it. These values represent the minium value that an item costs. When an item drops in the treasure pool, those with the same priority will submit their bid privstely via /tell to the leader that is handling DKP for the event. The highest bid with priority wins and casts lots on the item. With reguard to 30 point items, you must have attended the last 3 of 4 runs of that type event, or have a 75%+ attendance for that event. The reason for this is becasue some people may have an item wished, say shadow mantle, and have enough points to bid, but they only attend dynamis events that they want drops from. By enforcing a 75% event attendance, the most coveted drops will only be attainable here by those who regularly invest their time in those events. When lotting +1/+2 items, priority is given to individuals with corresponding jobs and is an open lot without bids or points. Leaders reserve the right to assign a set number of +1/+2 per person per event in the interest of fairness. New members will not be able to lot there first event, and members who do not attend reguraly, 25% or less, may find their lotting privlages suspended as well.
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Currently, all job specific gear and accesories cost zero points to attain. The current lotting rules are choose two jobs with first and second priority, and you will cast lots openly against others who share that level of priority. Wishlists do not count in dynamis, except for hydra and shadow gear, because these items are the only items restricted to linkshell members only bidding and follow the current DKP and lotting system. Also, all relic upgrade and accesories such as belts and capes are also included in your two jobs that you will list in your seacom for dynamis. Once you successfuly win a bid on a listed seacom job, that job and your priority is removed form the list. Example: i list 1]rdm and 2]blm, there is another person with 2]blm and nobody listed 1]blm. Once i acquire a blm drop, unless the other 2]blm has not won a blm drop, the next blm drop will be open to cast lots by anyone in the alliance. There is currently no lotting on currency, except for authorized members.
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Earning DKP
DKP per event is listed in the events section on this website. Generally, we follow a 1 point per hour rule, except for certain events such as Dynamis. Unless an exception is made, usually only 75+ jobs are awarded DKP for events. So you may attend events with us to get clears, you may not recieve DKP or cast lots on drops for that run unless an exception is made by leader. In certain instances, such as limbus or other events that are less than 30 minutes, a minimum of 1 DKP will be awarded to qualifying members. Salvage is currently not a Linkshell event, but like Nyzil Isle and Assualt, it is a static. Please refer to the schedule, the DKP list of current events. Any events, such as Abyssea, which do not have a DKP value assigned will either be determined prior to the event or follow the point per hour rule. Thank you.
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